How to come back in command from git log

This tutorial, we will discuss how to come back in command from git log to see the commits history in github.

Recently, I was using git log command to see the commit history, in my command prompt in windows 10. But after executing the command, I did not see an option to command back from the git log command prompt.

How to come back in command from git log

If I will scroll down a little bit, I can see the END like this, but no option to come back.

How do I revert from git log

How to come back in command from git log

I tried various commands, but it did not work out.

Finally, when I type q from the keyboard, I can come back from the command prompt.

git log: By using the git log command, you can see the previous commit’s information. git log displays the commit logs.

The output of the git log command is actually scrollable, that is the reason you can see the end of the command prompt.

Apart from this, you can also execute the command like below:

git log -n 3

Here this shows the last 10 commits information. And you can see the command prompt from git log like below:

How do I see commits in git log

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This tutorial, we learned how to come back in command from git log? And how to see commits in github using git log command. Also, we saw how to see git history using git log command.

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