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How to check the Description of the Document Library in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online?

sharepoint 2013 library description

In this post, we will discuss various approach to check the description of a document library in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint online. Below are two methods to check the description of a document library.

For all SharePoint versions, if you go to Document library settings page and you will see the description over here.
i. Open any of site for any version of SharePoint. Then go to the Site Contents page.

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sharepoint library description
SharePoint library description

ii. Click on any of List which you want to get a description, Go to Library setting by clicking on Library tab bar

sharepoint 2013 library description
Sharepoint 2013 library description

iii. Here check it out the description for the same.

sharepoint 2013 library description
SharePoint 2013 library description

For SharePoint 2013 and SP online, you can see this, once you click on the document library, the description showed in the document library.

sharepoint online document library description
SharePoint online document library description

Hope this will be helpful.

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