How to change Nintex Forms header banner in SharePoint Online Office 365?

nintex forms sharepoint 2013
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In this post we will discuss how we can change the default header banner in SharePoint Online Office 365 Nintext forms in list forms. If you are new to Nintex, then you can read an article on Working with Nintex Forms for Office 365. Nintex forms are very useful for building rich and powerful forms.

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By default when you design a form using Nintex Forms for Office 365 then you will be able to see the default banner of Nintex in the header which looks like below:

nintex forms
nintex forms

But the business requirement is to change this and to either giver a banner related to the organization or you can write simple text.

To change this, Open the particular SharePoint list in the browser, then from the Ribbon, click on LIST tab and then click on Nintex Forms button in Customize List section.

This will open the Nintex Form designer.

To apply a new image, First upload the image to a picture libray or you can upload to the images folder itself. Then in the Nintex form designer, select the image and then in the Properties (presented in the right side) window under Settings section, change the image page. Then you can Save and Publish the form.

If you want to add some formmatted text, then Right click and Delete the image control from the form.

Then Right click on the header and then Insert Control -> General and then select a Label control like below:

nintex sharepoint online
nintex sharepoint online

Then to write something in the Label, go to the properties windows and in the Settings -> General -> Text, you can write the text which you want.
But if you want to format the text, click on More Settings like below:

nintex forms examples
nintex forms examples

When you will go to more settings, it will provide a Rich text editor to format the text. You can format text like below:

nintex forms sharepoint online
nintex forms sharepoint online

Now if you want to see the changes in preview, click on the Preview button from the designer ribbon.

To publish the form directly, click on Publish button or Publish and Close button from the Ribbon.

Now try to add one item to the list, you can see the changes in the form like below:

nintex forms sharepoint 2013
nintex forms sharepoint 2013

Hope this will be helpful.

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