How Policy Works in System Center Configuration Manager?

Here we will discuss how policy works in config manager.

how policy works in config manager

how policy works in config manager

Log files process


1) Smsprov.log –                                 Records WMI provider access to the site database.

2) Smsdbmon.log –                             Records database changes and Policypv.log – Records updates to the client policies to reflect changes to client settings or advertisements.

3) Ccmexec.log –                                Records activities of the client and the SMS Agent Host service.

4) PolicyAgent.log –                            Requests policies by using the Data Transfer service.

5) MP_GetPolicy.log –                        Records policy information.

6) MP_Policy.log –                              Records policy communication.

7) PolicyEvaluator.log –                      Records new policy settings.

8) PolicyAgentProvider.log –               Records policy changes.


Steps process


Procedure Example
SCCM Administrator creates new instruction for client machines from SCCM console. Administrator changes the Hardware inventory settings from 7 days to 3 days in SCCM console under administration node in Client settings property.
Policy created and stored in SCCM database via SMS provider. Changes are created and stored in SCCM database.
All clients systems requests new policy from management point every hour by default


Note: We have an option to increase or decrease the policy pulling cycle.

Client agent will request new policy every hour or depends on policy pulling settings.
Policy requested from Management point. Client requested new policy from management point to modify same in client CCM provider namespace.
Management point queries database for new policy from SCCM database Management point takes the client machine request and queries the new updated policy from SCCM Database.
Any new policy returned from SCCM database to management point. If any policy modified for that machine then returned same policy to management point.
Any new policy returned from management point to client machines. Same new or modified policy will be routed to client machine.
Policy received and processed by client. Client will download the policy and updated same in CCM provider namespace then finally process the policy changes.
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