Disable or Hide Sync Button at SharePoint Online Site and Document Libraries Level

The scope of this article is to give detailed guidelines to understand and disable sync button at SharePoint Online Site, OneDrive for Business and document libraries level.

We will see here in SharePoint Online modern site and if you are still using classic SharePoint experience, read about How to move from classic to modern experience in SharePoint online list or document library?

Note: If the sync needs to disable on every subsite, then the below setting needs to be done on every subsite.

Offline client availability setting can be disabled at the site level as well as library level. However, if the setting is done at the site level, then there is no need to do the same setting on the document library level again.

SharePoint disable sync button at Site Level

  1. Log in to office 365 using the user who is the owner or site collection administrator or site collection.
  2. Currently, we can view the sync button available for a document library.

disable sync button sharepoint online

3. Click on site action and then click on ‘site information’.

sharepoint online hide sync button
SharePoint online hide sync button

4. Now click on ‘view all site settings’.

sharepoint online disable sync library
SharePoint online disable sync library

5. Then click on ‘Search and offline availability’ under the search section.

sharepoint online hide sync button document library
SharePoint online hide sync button document library

6. This will take you to the below page, where you need to check the ‘NO’ button under offline client availability and then ‘OK’.

disable sync sharepoint online
disable sync SharePoint online

7. After making the Offline client availability to NO, the Sync button is no longer available.

Hide sync button SharePoint Online document library
Hide sync button SharePoint Online document library


  • Even though the sync button is unavailable user will be able to download the files.
  • Also, the files will be searchable.
  • The sync button in Classic SharePoint view will be also being greyed out.

Disable Sync button at the document library level SharePoint

 For example, if there are 10 document libraries on site and out of 10, the site owner wants to disable sync button on 5 libraries, then the owner must make sure that site level Offline client availability setting is ON and the owner must make the settings at library level using below steps:

  • Click on site action and then Library Settings.
  • Click on Advanced settings.
  • Allow items from this document library to be downloaded to offline clients? Set to No.

I hope, the above information is useful for you guys.

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  • This is not a solution to just “disable” the sync button. This was a feature that was possible on last Sharepoint version but doesn’t seem to be on this one, ie. to just hide the button. Your solution just stops syncing to a local PC, period. The sync button disappearing is just a consequence of this. I need to hide the sync button but still allow syncing to PCs of my choosing, ie. office PCs.

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