How to hide or rename title column from SharePoint list or library

This SharePoint customization tutorial will discuss, how to hide or rename title column from SharePoint list or library. The same steps we can follow to rename or hide title column from list or library in SharePoint 2013/2016 or SharePoint Online.

When you will create a SharePoint custom App by default it will add one column name as Title and the data type is the single line of text. But sometimes the column name does not suite to your business requirement.

SharePoint does not allow us to delete the column neither it allows us to change the data type of the column. But we can rename Title column, hide the Title column and we can also make Title columns as not required.

Let us first create a custom app by going to Add an app from the gear icon settings menu in SharePoint. Then choose the Custom List template from there. Then give a name for the app. You can see there will be one column name as “Title” which looks like below:

hide sharepoint list title column

Rename SharePoint list title column

Follow the below steps to rename the SharePoint list title column.

To rename a Title column, go to the List Settings page and then under the Columns section click on the Title column. Then change the Column name like below:

rename sharepoint list title column

Then Save and the new column name will get reflected. Remember it will just change the display name of the column but the internal name will be the same. The column will appear like below:

how to rename title column from sharepoint list or library

Hide SharePoint list title column

To hide the title column and make the title as not required field follow the below step. Open List Settings page and from the list settings page click on “Advanced settings” link which is under the General Settings section.

Then in the Advanced Settings page, in the Content Type section select Yes on “Allow management of content types?” like below:

how to hide title column from sharepoint list or library

Then go back to the List Settings page and you can see the Item content type link under the Content Types section like below:

sharepoint 2013 remove title column from custom list

Once you click on the content type you can see the Column in the Columns section of the Content type.

how to remove default title column from sharepoint 2013 list

Since we have renamed the column name it is displaying as First Name else the column name will come as Title.

Then in the Change Content Type Column page, in the Column Settings, you can make your column as Required, Hidden or Optional as shown in the fig below. Once you choose the Option-click on OK. It will save changes.

remove title column from sharepoint form

Rename Name column in SharePoint document library

Now, we will see how to rename the default column Name in a document library using SharePoint 2010 designer.

Follow below step to change the Name column name in SharePoint 2010 document library

Open the site using SharePoint designer 2010. Then click on “List and Libraries” from the Site Objects from the left side.

Then click on the document library for which you want to rename the column.

The above step will open the list settings page where you can view and manage settings for the list or document library. There from the Customization section click on “Edit list columns” as shown in the fig below:

Rename Name column in SharePoint document library

Then select the Name column and Right click and click Rename and change to the column name whatever you want as shown in the fig below:

Rename Name column in SharePoint 2010 document library

Now Save it and refresh the document library the modified column name will appear like below:

SharePoint 2010 document library Rename Name column

This is how we can rename the Name column in the SharePoint 2010 document library using SharePoint designer.

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This tutorial, we learned how to hide or remove the default title column from the SharePoint 2013/2016/Online list or library.

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