Remove Notebook link from quick launch in SharePoint Online/2013/2016

This SharePoint tutorial, we will disucss, how to hide or remove the Notebook link from quick launch in SharePoint Online site quick launch.

By default, if you will open any SharePoint site then you can see the “Notebook” link used to appear in the quick launch.

site notebook feature sharepoint 2013

Remove notebook from SharePoint site

In the behind, there is a SharePoint feature associated with the Notebook link. We need to deactivate the feature to remove notebook from the SharePoint Online site.

Open the SharePoint Online site. Then click on the gear icon -> then click on Site Settings. This will open the Site Settings page. Here click on “Manage site features” which is under “Site Actions“.

Then search for the “Site Notebook” feature in the Site Features page.

site notebook feature sharepoint online

Once you deactivate the Site Notebook feature, the Notebook link will disappear from the quick launch in SharePoint site like below:

remove notebook from sharepoint site

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This SharePoint tutorial explains, how to remove the notebook link from a quick launch in SharePoint Online or SharePoint 2013/2016.