HCL Asp.Net interview questions

Here are some .Net interview questions which were asked in HCL Technologies.
1- What are boxing and unboxing in C#.Net?
2- What is the difference between ref and out keyword ?
3- What is the page life cycle of Asp.Net ?
4- Describe last project you have worked ?
5- What is procedure ?
6- What is function ?
7- What is difference between procedure and function ?
8- How to call a procedure with in procedure ?
9- What is polymorphism ?
10- What is runtime polymorphism ?
11- How we achieve run time polymorphism ?
12- What is collection ?
13- What type of collections you have used in your project ?
14- What is generics ?
15- Suppose there is two class in your project. There are one one methods each in your project. How to consume them in your project in one event ?
16- Which type of session you have used in your project ?
17- What is state serve session ?
18- What is sql server session ?
19- What is load balancer ?
20- How state server session will work ?
21- Which type of testing you have done ?
22- Have you ever written test cases in your project ?
23- What are the ways to create proxy of wcf service ?
24- What is the command we will use to create proxy using command line tool ?
25- When we will create proxy command line tool what will the output it will give and how we will use it ?
26- What is IOC ?
27- What are the bindings available in WCF ?
28- What is NetNamedPipe binding ?
29- What is NetTCPBinding ?
30- What is the difference between web service and wcf ?
31- What is viewstate ?
32- What is session ?
33- How we will access a view state value in other page ?
34- What is reflection ?
35- In which scenario reflection we will use ?
36- Tell me one situation where reflection you have used in your project ?
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