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Harmon ie Mobile iOS

Nowadays people are using Tablet, iPhone, iPod more than typical Laptop. People are busy enough and love to work on mobile devices. After the SharePoint 2013 release people mostly used to open SharePoint sites using a tablet or iPhone devices. If you work in a co-operate world and suppose you have to fill a timesheet or you want to apply for your planned leave, then you will not prefer to do those stuff in front of your laptop rather than you can do this using your iPhone or iPad. Introduction has a very good product for your iPhone & iPad, through which you will be able to see all your Microsoft collaboration tools in a single screen, from your iPad or iPhone.

Features of Mobile iOS product :

You can access office 365 and SharePoint anytime and anywhere from your iPhone or iPad. You can access and navigate SharePoint sites from your mobile device. Anytime, anywhere.

Other features like you can find SharePoint documents, sort search result document. Also, you can send documents to a colleague which will come as a link and also you can favorite a document.

Another cool feature is: You can get real-time updates of colleague and document activities from SharePoint and Yammer.

It also provides SharePoint social features like, you can find people based on their department, skills, expertise etc. Mobile iOS product review for iPhone and iPod Mobile iOS product review for iPhone and iPod

You will be able to see your colleagues profile as well as there last modified document. Mobile iOS product review for iPhone and iPod

You can also see favorite library locations and receive notifications of library activities, such as document status changes, and the addition of new documents. Mobile iOS product review for iPhone and iPod Mobile iOS product review for iPhone and iPod

You will also be able to see documents offline, you can save it onto your device and view it when you are offline. Mobile iOS product review for iPhone and iPod Mobile iOS product review for iPhone and iPod

Another unique feature of this is, it automatically adds colleague information from your mobile device’s local contact list.

As we know SharePoint stores everything is list or document libraries. mobile has the option to create, edit and read SharePoint list items. Also, you can manager calendar, task, issue, contacts, links and announcements lists from your iPod or iPhone. app for SharePoint App for iPod or iPhone comes in three editions:

– Lite: 
SharePoint lovers can download this FREE and you can use for personal propose only. And it provides read-only access to SharePoint sites.

– Enterprise:
Full featured SharePoint and Office 365 functionality including Read, Write, Upload, centralized deployment, provisioning and tech support.

– Premium
Full-featured functionality including reading, Write and Upload to SharePoint and Office 365, for the individual user.

You can visit more on the for iPhone & iPad.

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