Why Companies are Switching from Google Apps to Office 365

Want to know why big or small companies are switching from Google Apps to Office 365, check out this useful article. Compare the features of both G Suite & Exchange Online.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Companies Are Switching From Google Apps to Office 365

Google Apps and MS Office 365 are the eminent productivity suites that implement the same task in the cloud. However, G Suite and Office 365 are the toughest competitors of each other.

It is because both of these allow similar features and functionalities to their users like creating a document or presentations, online chatting, cloud storage, spreadsheets, video conferencing, and much more. But, still, there are some points in which a user might choose to opt for Microsoft Office 365 over G Suite application.

Why Companies Are Switching from Google Apps to Office 365
Why Companies Are Switching from Google Apps to Office 365

Google Apps is really popular suite utilized by the business organization, but still, why companies are switching from Google Apps to Office 365 remains an area of curiosity for many. Thus, to make it clear to the users, we have described the exact reason behind the popularity of Exchange Online among users and companies.

Difference Between Office 365 and G Suite

Whenever the user looks for a productivity suite for the company, both Office 365 and Google Apps are the prime two names that strike in mind at once. Hence, to make the decision wisely, a complete comparison of G Apps and O 365 is done on the basis of several factors, which are outlined below:

Google Apps Vs Office 365 Pricing

Choosing Google Apps plan is pretty easy because it facilitates three plans only and all of these are discussed below:

Basic Plan$ 5 per user per month
Business Plan$ 10 per user per month
Enterprise PlanPrice depends upon request from Google

There is a vast range of plans provided by Office 365. Based on the need of a user. One can select any of these.

Business Essentials$6 per user per month
Business$10 per user per month
Business Premium$15 per user per month
Enterprise E1$8 per user per month (annual commitment needed)
Enterprise Pro Plus$12 per user per month (annual commitment needed)
Enterprise E3$20 per user per month (annual commitment needed)
Enterprise E5$35 per user per month (annual commitment needed).

Comprehensive Comparison Between G Suite & Office 365

As above-stated there are pretty many exact features provided by both Google Apps & MS Office 365. Therefore, in this section, a detailed comparison between the features of both is discussed. Have a look:

Email Client

Google Apps and Office 365 both facilitates their prominent and reliable emailing application for their users. And, Gmail for the G suite is proven to be perfect and with an amazing search feature. But, it does not offer an option to sort and group emails, which becomes very disturbing for the users.

On the other hand, MS Office 365 offers Outlook as its key attraction with multiple advanced features like sorting or grouping of emails. It has two different versions for use i.e., online version & offline version and proves to be robust than Gmail.

File Storage

At the foremost level, MS Office 365 is better with its Business Essential plan, which offers 1 TB of storage. On another side, Google Apps provides 30 GB of file storage in its basic plan. But, when proceeding further to another level plans Google Apps offers much better storage facilities.

Therefore, everyone first purchases the entry-level plan only in which Office 365 with 50 GB inbox on the top of 1 TB of storage proven to be a more appropriate choice.

Work in An Offline Mode

Both of them facilitate several apps to work in an offline mode. But, if a user needs to encounter the difference between G Suite and Office 365, Google is not as much better as Microsoft Office 365. Using the standard application one can simply work in offline mode in Office 365.

Moreover, in Google Apps, one requires to download every file on the mobile device in order to access them.

Mobile Application

Both the MS O365 and Google Apps has mobile applications also for easy access to its users and permit them to edit files. Both of them has a reliable working with easy to use interface. But, when it comes to choosing between the two Outlook as a mobile application is a little bit disappointing than Gmail.

Synchronization of Local Data

In order to synchronize local data with cloud or vice-versa, both the MS Office 365 and Google Apps offers a desktop-based program called SharePoint and Google Drive respectively. But, the SharePoint of Office 365 is more eminent when compared to Google Drive because SharePoint is the easiest manner to exchange data.

Why Should Companies Switch from Google Apps to Office 365?

When any user in a company searches for some productivity suite to upgrade its business, he/she has some requirements. Let’s find out what are the factors that are making users move a domain from Google Apps to Office 365 and that we will be going to discuss in the below segment:

  1. The Outlook of Office 365 suite furnishes an option to sort or group emails, which is not there in Gmail.
  2. Permits far more participants while video calling on the Skype over Hangout.
  3. Offers advanced functionality such as virus protection, rights management, and so on., in MS Office 365.
  4. O365 provides more convenient storage plans (i.e., file storage and email storage) at the entry level.
  5. A user simply shares files using the sync app in MS One Drive in comparison to Google Drive.

A Reliable Method to Migrate from Google Apps to Office 365

From all the above discussion, relatively it is clear that Office 365 stands above Google Apps in most of the measurements. Therefore, switching to Office 365 is not at all a bad decision. Now, to do it in the most perfect way, a user can take help of an automated solution i.e., Google Apps to Office 365 Migration Tool.

It is one of the prominently used applications for the safe & quick data migration. It maintains the integrity of data and there is no risk of losing any of the valuable information from data. Moreover, the application can be installed on any version of Windows OS.

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Final Verdict

After executing a deep analysis of features of both Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365, the question why companies are switching from Google Apps to Office 365 becomes quite less discombobulating.

It is totally clear that why Office 365 is better than Google Apps for some users. Both of them are good to enhance companies. But, when it comes to selecting the best among these two, I found Office 365 better than G Suite. Thus, if a user wants to switch to Office 365, then he or she can take the help of the software described in the above segment.