Get SharePoint Site Template ID and Name using PowerShell

This SharePoint tutorial explains, how to get the SharePoint site template using PowerShell. We will retrieve site template id and name using PowerShell in SharePoint 2013/2016.

We required site template id while creating a SharePoint site using PowerShell.

However, for PowerShell to accept it, you must provide it the Template ID (for example APPCATALOG#0).

When creating a new site collection from Central Administration, we can select a site template from the Template Selection section.

But sometimes we may need to create sites from the PowerShell using cmdlet commands. At that time we need to provide the site template name, not the site template Title.

get sharepoint site template id PowerShell

One can easily use the Get-SPWebTemplate command to get a list of all the templates in the SharePoint environment which we can run using PowerShell ISE also.

get sharepoint site template powershell

For example, to create an App Catalog site:

New-SPSite -Url http://sp:1001/sites/AppCatalog -OwnerAlias "serverName\sp_admin" -Name "App Catalog site" -Template "APPCATALOG#0"

Here is the SharePoint 2013 Site Template ID which we retrieved using PowerShell:

get sharepoint site template id powershell
get sharepoint site template name powershell

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This tutorial, we learned how to get sharepoint site template id and title using Powershell.

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