Delivered a session about SharePoint 2019 new features with live demo

Gave a successful session about SharePoint 2019 new features along with live demo in CASUG (Charlotte SharePoint User Group). It is a great experience as a presenter in front of business users and technical team. The session was conducted in facility of Microsoft Charlotte.

Facility: Charlotte Microsoft Campus , 8055 Microsoft way, Charlotte NC USA

Attendees: There are total 15 with business users and technical experts in SharePoint.

Session went neat and tiny with the below list of topics:

  • Why should we get on to SharePoint 2019
  • What is new in SharePoint 2019
  • SharePoint 2019 modern experience
  • Modern sharing and working patterns
  • SharePoint 2019 modern lists and libraries
  • How to enhance productivity using modern pages
  • All about modern web parts and demo on key web parts with a demo
  • Enhanced features in SharePoint 2019 and their advantages
  • Column formatting features in SharePoint 2019 to show effective KPI list minimal code snippets
  • A bird eye view of Microsoft Flow
  • What is new with SMTP authentication in SharePoint 2019
  • Migration plan and behavioral aspects post migration
  • A quick comparison between SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2019
  • Enhanced Search capabilities with a demo
  • Recycle bin with new capabilities
  • Communication sites and News feature
  • SharePoint homepage in SharePoint 2019
  • What is deprecated in SharePoint 2019
  • New enhancements/options in SharePoint 2019 for developer
  • Software and Hardware requirements
  • Release dates and license details
SharePoint 2019 new features for developers
All about SharePoint server 2019
SharePoint 2019 hardware and software requirements
Explaining why Should we get on to SharePoint 2019
SharePoint 2019 new features
SharePoint 2019 new features
SharePoint 2019
SharePoint 2019

Hopping to get many more chances to prove my technical expertise.

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