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In this post we will discuss ablout forms based authentication in Also you can check my previous articles on Cookieless session in Asp.NetCaching in Asp.Net and Method Overloading in C#.Net.
– When the client is authenticated based on custom page by verifying credentials with database server then it is called as forms based authentication.
– The security token will be given to the client as an identity of authenticated client.
Change in web.config for modification:
 <authentication mode=”Forms”>
      <forms name=”f1″ loginUrl=”login.aspx”>
      <deny users=”?”/>
Here the name attribute will specify cookie name for maintaining security token.
By default it will be .ASPXAUTH
Here while writting code in the Login button we have to use RedirectFromTheLoginPage.
RedirectFromTheLoginPage does two things:
– It will provide requested page to the client.
– It will produce security token in the form of cookies.

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