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Filter SharePoint list item without code and Open hyperlinks in new window

Hi Friends In this post we will discuss how to filter SharePoint list item without code and Open hyperlinks in a new window. Read: SharePoint Online interview questions and answers

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1. To Display hyperlink in a new window on click

Step-1: Go to Site Settings -> Site Columns and click Create

Step-2: Insert a name and choose “Hyperlink with formatting and constraints for publishing” as type.

Step-3: Go to your list and add a column (existing column)

Step-4: Go to your list and add a new Item.

Then click on “Click to add a new hyperlink” and add your favorite link:
Now you see the options:

Open the link in a New Window
Display an icon next to the link
Choose a display text
Choose a tooltip

2. Filter data without code in SharePoint list view web part

To filter list items using a specific field name and field value.

Step-1: Place SharePoint list view webpart in a page

Step-2: Pass query string in the page with field name and field values

Step-3: Form URL like this: http://sharepointsite.com/lists/Allitems.aspx?FilterField1=CountryName&FilterValue1=india
Automatically listitem filter with giving values passed in the query string

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