Fetch data from list and create an item from list accross site in SharePoint 2010 web service

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In this post we will discuss about how to fetch data from a SharePoint List and how to create an item in a list accross a site.
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Lists.asmx Service
– The Lists Web service provides methods for working with SharePoint lists, content types, list items, and files.
– To access this Web service set a Web reference to http://<site>/_vti_bin/Lists.asmx .
– Some of the Methods of this Services are as follows -:
1. UpdateListItems -: Adds, deletes, or updates the specified items in a list on the current site.
2. GetListCollection -: Returns the names and GUIDs for all lists in the site.
3. GetListItems -: Returns information about items in the list based on the specified query.

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