Fetch azure groups in PowerApps using PowerApps Azure AD Connectors

In this Power Apps tutorial, we will discuss how to fetch Azure groups in PowerApps using PowerApps Azure AD Connectors. Here we will bind the Azure groups into a dropdown list in PowerApps.

Microsoft provides Azure AD connectors to connect with Azure AD from Microsoft Power Apps.

PowerApps Azure AD Connectors to fetch Azure groups

First, we will create a canvas app from the PowerApps.com site.

If you are new to PowerApps Canvas App, check out the below URLs:

Fetch azure groups in powerapps

Here create an app and you may choose Phone layout or Tablet layout.

Then add two controls in your screen: Combo box and a button control from Power Apps input controls.

The PowerApps screen looks like below:

How to Fetch azure groups in powerapps

Log in to the Microsoft Azure and create a group in Azure AD.

Below are the four AD groups I have created in my Azure portal.

Azure AD Connectors

Next, go to the PowerApps and go to the data source and create a new connector called AzureAD.

To use Azure AD connector, you required the below permission.

  • Group.ReadWrite.All
  • User.ReadWrite.All
  • Directory.ReadWrite.All
PowerApps Azure AD Connectors

Next, click on the button and go to the property screen and go to Advance settings. Add the below code inside the onSelect section.

Fetch azure groups in powerapps using Azure AD Connectors

Next, go to the Power Apps combo box properties and add the below properties that I have highlighted as the yellow mark.

Properties are DisplayFields, SearchFields and Items etc.

Fetch azure groups using Azure AD Connectors in powerapps

Next, run the app and see my all azure groups are populating over there in the Power Apps combo box.

Fetch azure groups in powerapps
Fetch azure groups in PowerApps

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In this tutorial, we learned how to use PowerApps Azure AD Connectors to fetch azure groups in powerapps.

Also, we saw how to bind the Azure AD groups to a combo box in Power Apps using the AD connectors.

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