Export Excel Data to SharePoint list from Excel itself

In this SharePoint tutorial, we will learn how to export excel file data to a SharePoint 2013/2016 list from the excel itself. Let’s say I have one excel which has few records and I want to upload those data to a SharePoint 2013 list. Remember this will not sync, it will be a one time upload to SharePoint list.

You can do the same things by using the Import Spreadsheet app. Check out more: Upload Excel Data to SharePoint using the Import Spreadsheet option in SharePoint 2013.

Export Excel Data to SharePoint list from Excel itself

Here before doing anything, Make sure your excel file is ready with a proper header (the header columns will be created as a column name in the SharePoint list). And also make sure few records are there.

Now Open the excel file. Select the records including the header row. Then from the INSERT tab in the excel click on Table. It will show a Create Table pop up window. There select the My table has headers checkbox as shown in the fig below:

export excel data to sharepoint list

Then from the Design tab in Excel, click Export and select “Export Table to SharePoint List”.

push data from excel to sharepoint list

Then it will open the Export Table to SharePoint List wizard. In the First step Enter the Site URL. Name and Description. This will be the Name of the list and description for the list. See fig below:

import excel to sharepoint list office 365

Next, it will show the Column Names, Data Type. Verify and click on Finish as shown in the fig below:

export sharepoint list to excel automatically

Once finished it will display the successful message like below:

how do i import an excel spreadsheet into an existing sharepoint list

Now when you open the site you will be able to see the SharePoint List with data as shown in the fig below:

import excel into existing sharepoint list

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This SharePoint tutorial, we learned how to export excel data to SharePoint list from excel itself.