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Excel at SharePoint Online Management Shell

SharePoint Online management shell

Any developer / Admin will land on to SharePoint online management shell to perform any operation. So I would like to bring an easy way to make our day-in- day life easy with the below list of commands.

Ensure that you have installed the latest version of SPO Management shell.

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If you are new to SharePoint Online Management Shell, read the below two SharePoint Online management shell tutorials:

First thing first, with the below command we will get the latest / updated help from MS. So, please run this command for hassle-free scripting.

SharePoint online management shell
Importing Help from Microfost for SPO Management Shell

Now that we installed/ensured the latest management shell on your machine, we are good to start our marathon to Mars 🙂 with the below commands list.

Before we start anything I would like to give 2 important tips which help us to make our journey smooth and hassle free.

  1. How to get for a command
  2. Samples/examples for the command
SharePoint online management shell
Get command help and Examples

Below is the list of areas I would like to emphasize more in this article.

  • User operations
  • Organizing Lists / sites
  • Managing services

List of the below commands to organize the users in SPO

  • Add-SPOUser
  • Export-SPOUserInfo
  • Export-SPOUserProfile
  • Get-SPOUser
  • Get-SPOUserAndContentMoveState
  • Get-SPOUserOneDriveLocation
  • Remove-SPOUser
  • Remove-SPOUserInfo
  • Remove-SPOUserProfile
  • Revoke-SPOUserSession
  • Set-SPOUser
  • Start-SPOUserAndContentMove
  • Stop-SPOUserAndContentMove
  • Set-SPOUser
  • Start-SPOUserAndContentMove
  • Stop-SPOUserAndContentMove

To organize the site we can refer the below:


Below is the list to organize various services

  • Get-Service
  • New-Service
  • Restart-Service
  • Resume-Service
  • Set-Service
  • Start-Service
  • Stop-Service
  • Suspend-Service
  • Set-Service
  • Start-Service
  • Stop-Service
  • Suspend-Service
  • Connect-SPOService
  • Disconnect-SPOService

you can also check the sharepoint version by executing the below command.

Get-SPFarm | Select BuildVersion

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Hope this helps you to expedite your scripting in SharePoint online !!!

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