Eros Now to develop a next-generation online video platform using Microsoft Azure and Azure AI

Recently Eros Now announced that it is going to partner with Microsoft to develop a next-generation online video platform using Microsoft Azure and Azure AI.

Eros is having 18.8 million subscribers worldwide and is moving from AWS to Microsoft Azure platform.

Eros Digital CEO, Rishika Lulla Singh said, The Online Video market has brought a paradigm shift in the way technology is used and will be used to enhance the customer journey and user experience. We at Eros Now have been the earliest movers in the adoption of technology which is a core strength of the brand. The objective and the goal of this collaboration is to ensure we become the primary innovators for the video business and a gold standard for the others to follow. We have immense respect for Microsoft as a company to help us innovate and pave the path for the next generation of online video.

Eros now tied up with Microsoft Azure

Eros Now will utilize Microsoft Azure in 3 areas of the technology department.

Intuitive Online Video Platform: Eros will develop a new, intuitive online video platform using Microsoft Azure and Azure media services. The new platform will provide seamless delivery of content for its consumers across geographies and languages, supported by a robust infrastructure including Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Interactive Voice Offerings: Eros Now will create new interactive voice offerings for consumers, powered by Azure AI tools, including OTT app video search experiences and voice search for video content across 10 Indian languages.

Personalized Recommendation Engine: Eros will create an engine to deliver personalized content recommendations for consumers by leveraging its own user data, combined with Azure AI, analytics, Cloud Data Warehousing solutions, and Azure Media Services.

Eros Now is one of the few video OTT customers to use Azure AI, Cloud Data Warehousing, and Azure Media Services of Azure Platform.

Microsoft has previously tied up with Zee5 and Reliance Jio to use Azure for their backend infrastructure.

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