EnjoySharePoint.com moved to WordPress from Asp.Net

Dear EnjoySharePoint trusted Users,

From last week, you might be facing problem while opening EnjoySharePoint.com. Because the website is down now and I am moving the site to WordPress from Asp.Net. Previously I had faced similar kind of issues and it took me days and nights to fix the issues. So finally I have decided to move to wordpress platform and I expect this kind of issues will not come.

How the Data Migration will happen from .Net platform to WordPress?

I had searched in google but did not find any tool to migrate the contents from Asp.Net (SQL Server database) to WordPress platform. So the plan is to migrate manually all the posts. So this will take little time for me to mugrate all the blogs, but I will assure you that all the SharePoint tutorials, Jobs, Asp.Net articles and News will be published very soon.

EnjoySharePoint moved to wordpress
EnjoySharePoint moved to wordpress

What about articles posted by other authors?

Yes the articles will be posted on the original author name and they can contribute on there name itself. I will create username of the original authors on the same email id which they have signedup with old site. I will communicated in email to upload photo for the particular user.

What about URL?

The URLs will change and if you find a file not found error, kindly search in the search box, you will get the exactly same article. If the article in not published, please let us know we will publish on demand.

Please give us sometime to migrate all the content, we will notify every one. Keep visiting EnjoySharePoint.com

All the posts will be migrated very soon except forum topics. 

Stay Tuned for more updates.

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