Simple Ways to Enhance Your SharePoint List Forms

In this webinar, I have shown Simple ways to enhance your SharePoint forms without having to buy expensive Forms tools. KWizCom provides very simple and inexpensive apps to enhance your SharePoint list forms.

Simple Ways to Enhance Your SharePoint Forms

There are lots of organizations that just need various basic enhancements to SharePoint list forms. These Apps are really very much helpful.

Here we will discuss below KWizCom Apps which we can use to enhance your SharePoint list form.

Column Permissions app

Quickly make your list forms fully dynamic, dynamically hide/disable fields from forms, and list views, and quick edit by using Column Permissions App.

Dynamically show/hide/deactivate fields in New form, edit form, display form, list views, a quick edit to create smart SharePoint forms.

  • Show/Hide Fields un New, Edit, View, Quick Edit, View Forms
  • Hide/Disable columns in Quick Edit
  • Hide Columns in List Views
  • Supports [Me] & [Today]
Enhance Your SharePoint List Forms
Very Easy to Configure – show hide columns in sharepoint list forms

Cascading LookApp

Easily create cascading fields. By using Cascading lookApp we can make a SharePoint Lookup column into “Super Lookup” columns.

sharepoint list form cascading dropdown
sharepoint list form cascading dropdown

Repeating Rows app

Create multi-row forms in just a few minutes. Repeating Rows app helps to design multi-row forms easily.

sharepoint list form repeating table
sharepoint list form repeating table – very easy to implement without developer knowledge

Field Groups/Tabs

Quickly customize your SharePoint form to make it more convenient and easy to use. Easily, you can customize list forms to sharepoint accordion list forms. Customize your SharePoint list form as tabs by using Field Groups/Tabs KWizCom app.

sharepoint list form accordion
sharepoint list form accordion

Advantages of using these KWizCom Apps

  • Simplicity
  • Low-cost apps, which customers can buy without buying a full suite
  • Almost 0 deployment and learning efforts
  • A solution that does not require purchasing a design tool and hiring experts to work with it
  • You are not dependent on any developer or designer, the apps are targeted towards business users or end-users.

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Do you have a SharePoint/Office 365 product?

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