Enable Design Manager in SharePoint Team Site

This SharePoint tutorial explains, what is design manager in SharePoint? And how to enable design manager in the team site in SharePoint 2016/2013/Online? Design Manager is by default available in publishing sites and publishing enabled sites in SharePoint 2013/2016 or in SharePoint Online Office 365.

Microsoft introduced a new feature known design manager by using which you can convert an HTML to a master page in SharePoint.

What is Design Manager in SharePoint

Design Manager is a feature in SharePoint 2013 that makes it easier to create a fully customized, pixel-perfect design by using a web design tool or HTML editor.

Developers work with a designer or a design agency to brand SharePoint. First, the developer receives the non-SharePoint branding assets (HTML, CSS, images etc) from the design agency. The design agency can create these files using any web design tool such as Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expression.

The developer uploads the received files to SharePoint. Then, with a behind-the-scenes automatic process, SharePoint-specific assets (*.master & *.aspx) are generated. This process repeats until the branding task is complete. Then the developer exports the branding assets and creates a package (*.wsp) to deploy the custom brand to the production farm.

Design Manager provides a snippet gallery from there SharePoint controls can be quickly added to the design. From the top ribbon, you can add controls to it.

When a new control is added, only HTML representation of the control is generated, so the design agency can see how the control looks in SharePoint, even if its toolsets don’t understand SharePoint. When it sends the branding assets back, SharePoint ignores the HTML representations and renders ASP.NET and SharePoint controls.

Enable Design Manager in team site in SharePoint

By default, you will not see Design Manager in Settings in a Team site in SharePoint 2013/2016/Online, ref fig below

Enable Design Manager in SharePoint 2013 Team Site
Enable Design Manager in SharePoint 2013 Team Site

To get this follow the below steps:

Open Site Settings, Click on “Site collection features” under Site Collection Administration. This will open the Site Collection Features page. Search for “SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure“. Then click on Activate.

Enable Design Manager in SharePoint 2016 Team Site
Enable Design Manager in SharePoint 2016 Team Site

Now check in the Look and Feel section in the settings page, you will able to see Design Manager like below:

enable design manager in sharepoint
Enable Design Manager in SharePoint 2013 Team Site

But you will not able to see the option under the settings icon till now.

For this, go to the Settings page and then click on “Manage Site Features” under Site Actions.

Then search for “SharePoint Server Publishing” in the Site Features page.

enable design manager in sharepoint online
Enable Design Manager in SharePoint 2019 Team Site

Now check under the settings icon you will be able to see the Design Manager option.

enable design manager in sharepoint 2013 team site
Enable Design Manager in SharePoint 2013 Team Site

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I hope this SharePoint tutorial explains what is design manager in SharePoint 2013/2016/Online. How we can enable a design manager in SharePoint 2013/2016 or SharePoint Online.

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