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Email enabled lists or document libraries in SharePoint Online office 365

Now this is an interesting topic SharePoint Online has limitation Email enabled for Libraries and list.

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Email enabled feature doesn’t support in SharePoint Online Libraries.

So what’s next? Today we will discuss couple of solution approach which is similar to email enabled feature but not exactly same.

Option1 – Configure site Mail Box

Kindly refer Configure site Mail Box which has step by step process for configuration.
Site Mailbox configuration is for entire site. SP 2013 we have library level email enable configuration .Site Mailbox will not be good idea if you are looking for more than one library to have email enabled in SP Online as this is applicable for entire site and we can have only one site mailbox configured for one site.

Option 2- Microsoft Flow

Kindly refer Microsoft Flow which has step by step process for configuration.

Microsoft Flow has its own limitation as well.

I would further compare SP 2013 email enabled library and Microsoft flow “Save my email attachments to a SharePoint document library “template.

Microsoft Flow “Save my email attachments to a SharePoint document library” configuration require document library URL to be configured. Microsoft flow further allows to configure rule and action.

So any emails has attachment file will be upload to the configured Document Library. But it will not save email to the document Library.

It only upload attachment file to Document library.

But in SP 2013 Library email-enabled feature, it sends email to SharePoint document library.

Option 3- Third Party Apps
There are many third party solution available which provided email enabled for document Libraries.
– Pentalogic – SharePoint online email enabled document libraries
– MessageOps – SharePoint Bridge
– Vorsite – Vorapps
– Cloud 2050 – Email Sync

Read some Microsoft Azure tutorials

Hope this article will be helpful.

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