Different Web Files.

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Web Files are specific to web applications and can either be requested by a browser directly, or are used to build up part of the web page that is requested in the browser.

Web Form,file extension is .aspx-The workhorses of any ASP.NET web site, Web Forms represent the pages that your users view in their browser.

Master Page, file extension is .master-Enable you to define the global structure and the look
and feel of a web site.

Web User Control,file extension is .ascx – Contains page fragments that can be reused in multiple pages in your site.

HTML Page,file extension is .htm / .html-Can be used to display static HTML in your web site.
Style Sheet .css Contains CSS code that enables you to style and format your web site.

Web Configuration File,file extension is .config- Contains global configuration information that is used throughout the site.

Site Map,file extension is .sitemap- Contains a hierarchical representation of files in your site in
an XML format.

JScript File,file extension is .js- Contains JavaScript (which Microsoft calls JScript) that can
be executed in the client’s browser.

Skin File,file extension is .skin- Contains design information for controls in your web site.

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