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Hi Everyone, Today I will be sharing some issues faced with design manager SharePoint 2013.

SharePoint 2013 has new feature Design manager which allows us to move master page, page layouts from one site collection to other site collection.

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We are using power-shell script with CSOM to create content type, pages and many more activities.

We had issue while creating content type with script as it says duplicate content type or I can also say content type is already available.

This was fresh site and we just moved the master pages, page layouts using design package but we were surprised by getting this error.
But after spending sometime against the error, finally came to the reason behind the issue :).

So when we move the master page, page layouts, css etc using design package it also includes the content type attached to the page layouts. Due to which we were not able to create same content type again using our script.

Now we are not using any code to create content type. We are using code to add the content type to pages library and design package will take care of creating content type for respective page layout.

If you want to delete the Content type and its says “It’s being used in the site”, you can deactivate the design package wsp file from solution gallery. This will remove the content type from your site as well.

Hope this will be useful.


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