Deploy SharePoint 2010 solution(.wsp) package using Powershell

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In this article, we will discuss how to deploy the SharePoint 2010 solution package (.wsp) using PowerShell.

Follow the below steps:

Step1: Start Power Shell command prompt
Start->All Programs->MicrosoftSharepoint2010Products->open Sharepoint2010Managementshell

Type the command

Step2: Add Solution Package
Add-SPSolution “C:\SharePoint2010Solution.wsp”

Step3: Install Solution Package
Install-SPSolution –Identity SharePoint2010Solution.wsp –WebApplication http://myserver –GACDeployment

If you are using Sandbox Solution,

Step4: Install Solution Package
Install-SPUserSolution –Identity SharePoint2010Solution.wsp –WebApplication http://myserver –GACDeployment

For Updating the Sharepoint 2010 Solution type the following commands

Step5: Update Solution Package
Update-SPSolution –Identity SharePoint2010Solution.wsp –LiteralPath “C:\SharePoint2010Solution.wsp” –GacDeployment

For retract and remove a solution, type the following commands:

Step 6: Uninstall Solution Package
Uninstall-SPSolution –Identity MySharePointSolution.wsp –WebApplication http://myserver

Step7: Remove Solution Package
Remove-SPSolution–Identity MySharePointSolution.wsp

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