Deploy new version webpart from old webpart in SharePoint 2010

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In this post we will discuss how to deploy new version webpart from old webpart in SharePoint server 2010.

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I want to upload new version of webpart in SharePoint Site collection in replace of my old webpart. In this webpart I added some advance functionality and I create the .wsp file from visual studio 2010 as a same old webpart.

Please remember when you added the functionality in your old webpart you should we use old solution where you create your old webpart in visual studio 2010. No need for the new solution or new webpart. You just open your old webpart or solution in visual studio 2010 and add the new functionality. And also remember you don’t deploy the webpart just add the functionality and after this create the new .wsp file and follow these step:

1. Open PowerShell command and run the following command:

Update-SPSolution –Identity ApplicationWebpart.wsp –LiteralPath C:\WebPart\ForUpgrade\Update\ApplicationWebpart.wsp –GACDeployment

2. After this you activate the feature in your site collection.

3. Now you able to see the new functionality in your webPart.

4. Using this we don’t lost our data from old webpart. We able to see old data with new functionality.

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