Database Security Tool: Remove NSF Protection effortlessly

Notes Storage Format/NSF files are created in widely popular and deployed IBM Lotus Notes email client that stores email, contacts, notes, calendars, appointments etc. However, Lotus Notes is known for its robust features that allow having over-the-top e-communication in an organization but one major quality that has made it capable to stand apart from other email clients is the firm security that could be applied on NSF database in order to prevent it from unauthorized use.

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Undoubtedly on one hand where password protection seems to be the most reliable option to safeguard the database, it can be the reason of headache in case you forget the encryption you imposed on NSF file or the NSF file of the other administrator is protected and you need to read its contents urgently for a right cause in his absence. In such a situation, a database security tool to remove local security from NSF files are required to handle the problem.

The emergence of the above mentioned error message results in inaccessibility over the file as the administrator of the NSF file has applied firm security so that no one except him can acquire the data and information stored in it. Fundamentally, the protection is imposed in order to pass up any illegal usage of the database that is being saved in NSF file and confine unauthorized data access. Now, in this situation, rights to access the NSF file are required or an apt database security tool can work out that could aid in removing local security from NSF file.

Consider a Scenario: Suppose there is some urgent information regarding a project that you and one of your colleagues are handling. Your partner is absent and is unapproachable. When you tried to open the NSF file that contains the required data, you came across the error message that states: ‘You are not authorized to perform that operation’. In such state of affair, only a dependable data security tool to remove NSF local security is needed.

On exploring in the online market, an NSF Security Removal Program can be spotted that will help you to resolve the problem. But for unfailing security removal process, it is essential to chose a trustworthy database security tool that can be selected by using the free demo version of the tool available along with the tool on the website itself. Securase is an expert recommended and accepted tool in the online market that removes local security from NSF files and helps to resolve error messages that limits data accessibility in the NSF file.

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