Create Windows Virtual Machine in Microsoft Azure Step by Step Guide

This Microsoft Azure blog is explaining what is Microsoft Azure and What is Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine (Azure vm)? We will also see how we create windows virtual machine in Microsoft Azure? create VM in azure step by step guide will help you to create windows virtual machine in Microsoft Azure.

This article is very helpful for the user who is completely new for Microsoft Azure platform.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Here I am explaining in the very simple word what is Microsoft Azure before creating a VM in azure.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service designed by Microsoft. This  Microsoft Azure is used to develop, deploy and manages the application. And Microsoft Azure provides services through the global network.

Microsoft Azure provides two services. That is Paas(Platform as a service) and Iaas(Infrastructure as a service) service.

Paas provides user to develop and deploy the application. Here the user no needs to worry about what the hardware and infrastructure required to develop the application.

Iaas service provides user to control over Operating-system and application platform where the application is developed. The Iaas service allows the user to access and monitor the global data center.

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What is Microsoft Azure VM?

Before knowing about Microsoft Azure VM first we need to know what is the virtual machine?

The virtual machine is nothing but the application install in the software in which you can use another operating system inside your current operating system. In other word system inside a system.

The System should be installed somewhere we can use that system on our computer. We need to pay for the new system. Using the username and password we can access the Virtual machine.

We can do all the operation which we can do in our local system. In the VM we need not be a worry for hardware and software requirement. By paying we can use a new system inside our current system.

Now we will see what is the Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine?

The Microsoft Azure virtual machine (azure VM) is used when we want more control over the computing environment. In the Microsoft Azure no need to buy, maintain hardware and install the os to use the virtual machine in the local system.

Create vm in Azure Steps by Step tutorial

Here we will see how to create a Windows VM in the Microsoft Azure portal. Follow the below steps to create a VM in the Microsoft Azure platform.

If you do not have Azure subscription, then go for creating a new Azure account(we can create a free Azure account which is free for 30 days we can use that). I already have a Microsoft account so I am directly using my Microsoft Azure subscription for creating a VM.

I have opened my Dashboard page of Microsoft Azure account.

Choose the “+ Create a resource” from the left side panel top option of the Microsoft Azure portal.

create vm in azure
create windows virtual machine on azure

Select the “Compute” from the “Azure Marketplace“.

create vm in azure portal
Create Windows Virtual Machine on Microsoft Azure Step by Step Guide

Select the “Window Server 2016 Datacenter”, then choose to create.

create vm in azure step by step
create windows virtual machine on azure

Now create a virtual machine page will open. This page is asking for virtual machine information. Go for the Basics tab which is automatically selected.

Under the Project details, we will see the below option.

  • Subscription: The Subscription name will come by default. Just check the Subscription name the correct one is selected or not.
  • Resource group: We can create a new group and we can use the existing group.  Here I have created a new group from the “Create new”.
  • Under Instance Details option contains
  • Virtual machine name: Give the VM name here. I have given the VM name as TsinfoVM.
  • Region: Here chose the location. I have chosen the location of the Location of East US.
  • Availability options: Now need to change anything here. Leave the by default one.
  • Image: Leave the by default option, do not add anything here.
create vm in azure using portal
create windows vm

Size: It is by default selected one size. If you want to change the size of azure vm go for change the size. When we go for change size we can able to see all the size available in the selected location.

I have selected the location East US from the region option so in the change size option, we will see all the VM size will available in the East US location. In the next screenshot, I am displaying how the change size page looks like.

 Under the Administrator Account, we will see

  • Username: Give the username. This is the username you will use to connect to the azure vm.
  • Password: Give the password. Give a secure password. While connecting to the VM the username & password you need to provide. Without the username and password, we can not connect to VM and use the VM.
  • Confirm password: Confirm the password.
create azure vm
create windows vm in azure

Below screenshot is the change size page. We will see all the size available for the Azure VM. Choose the size and click on Select. 

create azure vm step by step
Create a Windows virtual machine in the Microsoft Azure

Under the INBOUND PORT RULES option we will see Public inbound ports: Enable the Allow selected ports.

Select inbound ports: Select inbound ports. I have selected the HTTP here.

SAVE MONEY: Under the Save money Already have a window license option is there leave the option as by default. Click on Review +Create.

create azure virtual machine
create vm using powershell azure

Now validation will start. The page will check each field wise the entered data is correct or not. After validation successful, it will finally ask for creating.

create a new azure virtual machine
azure vm configuration

Now in the left side panel when we click on the “Virtual Machine” option of the Dashboard page. We will see all the VM created in the Azure portal. Here I have created only one VM. So only one is displaying.

create virtual machine in azure
azure vm creation step by step

Click on the VM name. It will show details information about the VM. Select “Overview“. Click on Connect, to connect to the local system.

create virtual machine in azure step by step
azure create vm powershell

After Clicking on Connect option one page will come. Here we will see the IP address and Port number for VM. Connect to the local system first download the RDP file.

how to create vm in azure
Create a Windows virtual machine in the Microsoft Azure

After downloaded successfully. Click on the downloaded page we will see Remote Desktop connection. Click on Connect.

how to create virtual machine
azure create vm

After Click on Connect one page will come we will see the IP address of VM. Click on Connect. It will ask the user name and password of VM.

how to create vm in azure portal
create vm in azure

start stop Azure VM automatically

This Azure automation article we will discuss how to start and stop Azure VM (virtual machine) automatically. Azure automation start-stop VM using the scheduler in Microsoft Azure.

Open the Microsoft Azure Portal. Go to Virtual Machine from the left Panel. Select on Virtual Machine. We can able to see all the VM available in the Azure portal. Click on the VM (Virtual machine) in which you want to schedule the time.

start stop Azure VM automatically
azure vm auto shutdown

After selecting the VM, in the left side panel button, we can able to see the Auto-shutdown option. Click on Auto-shutdown.

start Azure VM automatically
auto shutdown vm in azure

In the “Auto-shutdown” page, Enabled ON the button.

To schedule, the time for the system shut-down, Set the time in “Scheduled shutdown” field. Select the time zone if You want.

If you want to see the notification before the system shutdown, then enable the Yes. Click on Okay.

stop Azure VM automatically
azure vm auto shutdown

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In this Microsoft Azure tutorial, I have explained what is Microsoft Azure? What is a virtual machine (vm)? Step by step guide on how to create a windows virtual machine (vm) in Microsoft Azure. And how to connect Azure VM with the local system using the remote. Also, we discussed how to schedule virtual machine (vm) shutdown/start options in Microsoft azure.