Create Content Sources for search in SharePoint 2013

This SharePoint search tutorial, we will discuss how to create content sources in SharePoint server 2013. In the same way, we can create a content source for search in SharePoint 2016/Online.

SharePoint Search Content Sources

A content source specifies what, when and how to crawl. Whenever you create a search service application, by default it will create a content source “Local SharePoint sites” which is configured for crawling all SharePoint sites in the local server farm.

Create Content Sources for SharePoint Search

Open your SharePoint 2013 central administration, click on “Manage service applications” which is under Application Management.

In the Manage service application page, click on the Search service application which you have created above. You will be redirected to the Search Administration page. By default you will be able to see the Local SharePoint Sites content source like below:

create content source sharepoint 2016

To add a new content source, click on New Content Source in the Manage Content Sources page.

Give a Name for the content source. Then choose content source type, here I am going to choose SharePoint Sites And then I will put the address for the web application in the address box. Then in the Crawl Settings section, choose to Crawl everything under the hostname for each start address radio button as shown in the fig below:

create content source sharepoint 2013

Then choose Crawl Schedules, choose to Enable incremental crawls and create a schedule for this crawl.

sharepoint create content source

Then Content Source Priority as Normal as shown in the fig below:

create content source in sharepoint online

Once you will add the content source, it will appear on the administration page.

create new content source sharepoint 2013

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This SharePoint tutorial explains, how to create content sources in SharePoint 2013/2016 search.