Create Azure Web App and Download Publish Profile from Azure Portal

This Azure tutorial explains how to create an Azure web app (web site) in Microsoft Azure. This web site will be used while developing provider-hosted add-in or Web jobs for SharePoint online sites.

We will also disucss, how to download the publish profile for Microsoft Azure Web App from the Azure portal. This publish profile will be helpful when we will try to publish SharePoint provider add-ins.

Create an Azure Web App

First, we will see how to create an Azure web app in the Microsoft Azure portal.

First login to the Microsoft Azure Portal. You should have a valid subscription or you can signup for a trial version for Microsoft Azure.

Then click on the + icon and then Web + Mobile and then click on “Web App” as shown in the fig below:

create azure web app

Then in the Create Web App screen, give a name for the web app, subscription, also create a new resource group or use an existing resource group. Then click on Create. The screen looks like below:

create azure web app using azure cli

Then click on All resources like below which will display all the available resources.

how to create a azure web site

There click on the site which we have created which will display details about the site. It shows status like Resource group, status, location, URL etc like below.

download publish settings file azure

You can click on the URL to browse the web site or web app.s

Download Publish Profile for Azure Web App

Now, we will see how to download the publish profile for the Azure web app from the Microsoft Azure portal.

Login to Azure Portal and then click on All resources like below:

download publish profile azure

Then from the list of all resources, click on a particular site for which you want to get the publish profile.

download publish profile azure portal

Then from the details page, click on the Get publish profile button like below:

download publish settings azure

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This will allow you to save the file locally which can be used while deploying any provider-hosted add-in in SharePoint.

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