Create Azure App and Deploy to SharePoint Online as an App Step by Step

This SharePoint tutorial explains, how to create an azure app and deploy it into SharePoint online as an app. Step by step process to create an Azure app and deploy to SharePoint Online as an app. The steps also include how to add the app as a webpart to the page.

Download publishing settings file from the Azure web.

Open visual studio and select the project template as an app for SharePoint.

Select the “Provider-Hosted” option to host in Azure and deploy it to Office 365.

steps to create azure app office 365

Specify the target SharePoint version as SharePoint Online.

Create an App Catalog site in SharePoint admin and select the Developer site template while creating the App Catalog site.

Register the App using “App Reg new” page using below sample URL

steps to create azure app office 365 sharepoint

Open web.config file from solution explorer

create azure app office 365 sharepoint online

Update clientID and client secret values.

Right-click on SharePoint App and Add New Item as App Part.

Implement required functionality using CSOM, JSOM,, and in your Web application

Open AppManifest.Xml file

Click on the Permissions tab and give the required permissions to the App.

create azure app office 365 sharepoint online 1

Open Appmanifest.xml file in code window using F7 key and add client ID

Right-click on a web project and click on publish option

Click on Import and select publishing profile settings file downloaded in step1.

how to create azure app sharepoint online

Click on Validate connection to Validate the settings

Click on Publish

Right-click on the SharePoint App project and click on publish.

deploy azure app sharepoint online office 365

Click on Package the app.

Upload your app package to App Catalog (Developer site)

Now your app will be available for all the site collection in Apps from your organization section

Create a page and add your App Part to the page.

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This tutorial helps us to learn how to create an azure app and deploy SharePoint Apps into it.

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