Convert Email to PDF using Microsoft flow or Power Automate

In this flow tutorial, we will discuss how to convert email to pdf using Microsoft flow or Power Automate.

Basically, when you will receive an email, flow or Power Automate will convert the Email to PDF and then it will automatically be saved to a SharePoint Online document library.

In Microsoft flow or Power Automate, you can easily integrate with various other services or applications using various connectors. There are more than 300 data sources or connectors available in Microsoft flow.

Convert email to pdf Microsoft flow

For this Microsoft flow convert to pdf task, we will use the Encodian API.


To utilize the ‘Encodian Document Manager for Flow’ connector you will require an ‘API Key‘ if you have an existing Encodian subscription but do not know your API Key please email [email protected] 

If you do not yet have an Encodian subscription please create a trial subscription by completing the trial request form on our website found here.

Now, we will see the details steps to convert Email to PDF using Power Automate or flow.

Step 1: Log in to Power Automate and go to the flow section and create a new flow. So here provide the flow name and select When a new email arrives (V3).

Make sure you have already connected your Office 365 outlook with Power Automate otherwise it will give you authentication error.

Convert email to pdf Microsoft flow

Step 2: Now select the email folder like Inbox or any different Folder and provide the email ID in the TO section.

Next select No in Included Attachments and Only with Attachments filed should be Yes.

convert email to pdf power automate

Step 3: Now give the message Id in Message Id field which will return the Id of your current message.

microsoft flow create pdf

Step 4: Next add one for step called Convert to PDF. Now you have to provide the Encodian Connection Name and API Key.

In Connection Name, you can provide anything but in API Key, you have to provide the same key that you got when you did the registration in Encodian website.

microsoft flow convert to pdf

Step 5: Once you click on the Create button, You have to provide your Filename, File Content with PDF Filename with an extension like below:

automatically convert email to pdf microsoft flow

Step 6: Next add one more step called Create file in the flow. Here you have to provide the SharePoint Site Address, Folder Path where you want to store and give the File Name and File content.

microsoft flow convert to pdf automatically

Step 7: Now let us Save the flow and we are ready to test the flow or Power Automate. I executed my flow by sending one email to my outlook and see my all steps got success.

microsoft flow create pdf automatically

Step 9: This is the email that I received now. So now we have to check the same file in our SharePoint document library folder.

convert email to pdf microsoft flow

Step 10: Now we can see in the same subject my PDF file has created in the SharePoint document library. so now we will open it to see what contents created inside.

how to convert email to pdf using flow

Step 11: If you will Open the PDF file, you can see the PDF got created from the email. Check out the pic below:

convert email to pdf using flow

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I hope this tutorial helps you to learn how to convert email to pdf using microsoft flow or Power Automate.