Contribute with no edit page permissions SharePoint 2013/2016/Online

This SharePoint tutorial, we will discuss how to restrict users with Contribute access to edit any page in SharePoint 2013/2016 or SharePoint Online.

If you have given contribute access to users then you will be able to edit your pages presented under Site Pages gallery. In our requirements, I do not want users to edit any pages but the user is able to add, edit or delete SharePoint list items.

According to Microsoft, Users having Contribute access should be able to “Enables users to manage personal views, edit items and user information, delete versions in existing lists and document libraries, and add, remove, and update personal Web Parts.”

According to this definition, we may think the user will not able to edit the homepage or any other pages. Also, check out default SharePoint 2013 permission levels.

But the Edit Item permission says: “Edit Items – Edit items in lists, edit documents in document libraries, and customize Web Part Pages in document libraries”.

The word document library means every document libraries presented on the site which includes Site Pages gallery also. That is the reason users were able to edit home pages.

I search a lot but what I feel is the best approach is you can create a custom permission level with no Edit Items options and then assign it to users. And then you can stop inheriting the permission from the parent for the particular list for which you want a user to do Add, Edit or Delete operation and give the users contribute access in the list level.

Step-1: Create a custom permission level in SharePoint

You can create a custom permission level by following this article. Just copy the Contribute permission and just uncheck Edit Items (under Lists Permissions) permission from the new one.

So when you will assign this new permission level to your user group then, they will able to open the site Read access but they will not be able to Add or Edit any list items. So for this, we need to give permission to the particular list.

Step-2: Give Contribute Access in the L: ist Level:

Now open the list and then from Ribbon go to List -> List Settings.

Then in the Settings page under “Permissions and Management” click on “Permissions for this list” link. Then from the Ribbon click on “Stop Inheriting Permissions” like below:

Contribute with no edit page permissions SharePoint

It will ask you a confirmation message saying: You are about to create unique permissions for this list. Changes made to the parent site permissions will no longer affect this list. Just click on OK.

Now you can check the user group and click on Edit user Permissions to change the permission level to Contribute. So that users will have to contribute access to this list.

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Here, we learned how to restrict users with Contribute access to edit any page in SharePoint.

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