Content Approval in SharePoint list or document library

This SharePoint 2013 tutorial explains, the content approval feature of the SharePoint 2013 list or document library.

If you enable this feature then whenever a user uploads a document to the document library or add an item to the list, then the item or document will not be visible to users unless unit the item approved by the site administrator to people having Manage List permissions.

When a user adds an item, then the item will be having status as Pending. Pending items are only visible to the user who created or modified the item and to users with the Manage Lists right.

Pending items are not visible to users until the item is approved. When an item is approved, it is marked as Approved and is visible to all users. When an item is rejected, it is marked as Rejected and is returned to the user who created it.

Enable Content Approval for a List or a Document Library

Open your SharePoint document library, got to the library settings. In the Settings page, click on Versioning settings under General Settings.

In the Versioning Settings page, Select the Yes radio button in the Content Approval section. Then in the Document Version History section select radio button “Create major and minor (draft) versions“.

Then in the Draft Item Security section, select the radio button “Only users who can approve items (and the author of the item)“. Then click OK as shown in the fig below:

Content Approval in SharePoint 2013 list or document library
Content Approval in SharePoint 2013 list or document library

Once you enable this two new views will be created name as “Approve/reject Items” and “My submissions“.

Now you can select an item and then from the context menu you can select Approve/Reject. Then in the Approve/Reject dialog box you can Approve the item and you can put additional comments in the comment box as shown in the gig below.

Content Approval in SharePoint 2013 list or document library
Content Approval in SharePoint 2013 list or document library

After this, the document will be available to all the users.

Enable content approval for a SharePoint 2010 list

Now, we will discuss how to create a content approval list in SharePoint 2010.

Open the SharePoint 2010 site eg: http://sharepoint2010, then goto the Site Actions -> More Options -> create a custom list.

sharepoint 2010 content approval list

Once you create a custom list on the Ribbon goto to List settings and then click Versioning Settings.

sharepoint content approval list

In the Content Approval Click Yes for Require content approval for submitted items? then click OK button.

sharepoint 2010 content approval list

Add New Item in that custom list, It say’s “Items on this list require content approval. Your submission will not appear in public views until approved by someone with proper rights. More information on content approval”. Click save.

sharepoint 2013 library content approval

Once you add a new item it will be in the pending status still Approver of the site will approve.

sharepoint online list content approval

As a approve of the site once Approved then the list item is view by Public.

how to enable content approval for a sharepoint list

Once the new item is approved(show the status is approved) and then it will be view in public.

enable content approval for a sharepoint list

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This is how we can enable content approval in SharePoint 2010/2013 list or document library.