Connect to Azure SQL database from management studio

This Azure tutorial explains, how to connect to the SQL database with SQL server management studio in Windows Azure. This I am doing with our Azure subscription, if you don’t have an Azure subscription, you can create a free account in just a couple of minutes.

Login to the Azure portal site using your subscription id and password. Once login you will be on the Portal page of Azure.

Note: first you need a SQL Database on Azure site with your subscription, If it not available follow the below my last blog about how to create the SQL database on Azure.

Connecting to the Microsoft Azure portal with a subscription

First of all, we need to install the latest version of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) on a local machine (Where you are going to connect)

The newest version of SSMS is optimized for both SQL Database and SQL Server 2016 and is also designed for use with older versions of SQL Server. To download and install the most recent version of SSMS, see Download SQL Server Management Studio.

Use the following steps to connect to Azure SQL Database with SSMS.

Type “Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio” in the Windows search box, and then click the desktop app to start SSMS.

In the Connect to Server window, enter the following information:

  • Server type: The default is database engine; do not change this value.
  • Server name: Enter the name of the server that hosts your SQL database in the following format:
  • Authentication type: If you are just getting started, select SQL Authentication. If you have enabled Active Directory for your SQL Database logical server, you can select either Active Directory Password Authentication or Active Directory Integrated Authentication.
  • Username: If you selected either SQL Authentication or Active Directory Password Authentication, enter the name of a user with access to a database on the server.
  • Password: If you selected either SQL Authentication or Active Directory Password Authentication, enter the password for the specified user.

To get the above information log in to the Azure portal and click on created SQL Database and verified below screenshots with needing information.

connect to azure sql database

Here we will server name, log in details will be the same as your subscription for first time login.

Open SSMS 2016 then enter the login details with sever db name and Click Connect.

connect to sql azure from management studio

If your client’s IP address does not have access to the SQL Database, you will be prompted to sign in to an Azure account and create a server-level firewall rule.

how to connect to azure sql database from management studio

If you are an Azure subscription administrator and need to sign in, when the sign-in page appears, provide the credentials for your subscription and sign in.

how to connect to azure sql database from sql server management studio

After you sign in to Azure is successful, Click ok to configure.

how to connect to windows azure sql database

Again go back to SSMS and click on login, here we will able to connect SQL DB in local machine.

connect to azure sql database from management studio

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This is how to connect to the Azure SQL database from the management studio.

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