Confirm SharePoint 2013 Web site in use

confirm sharepoint web site in use email

Business owner of SharePoint site collection was keep getting an email with the below mail body every day. SharePoint administrator was not exactly sure what went wrong with that site collection.

Mail Body being received by all the Site collection owners:

From: MSTechnology_NoReply
Sent: <<DateTime Stamp>>
To: << List of recipients >>
Subject: Confirm SharePoint Web site in use

Please follow the link below to your SharePoint Web site to confirm that it is still in use.

If the site is not being used, please go to, and select “Delete This Site” to remove the Web site.

You will receive reminders of this until you confirm the site is in use, or delete it.

Thank you,
MS Technology Support Team

As we all know that SharePoint is mainly meant for content management so Microsoft has implemented some by default retention policies at site collection level. SharePoint administrator can set the below retention policy in Central Admin at site collection level.

Central Administration -> Application Management -> Site Collection -> Confirm Site use and deletion

confirm sharepoint web site in use
confirm sharepoint web site in use

Once you click on this, SharePoint will allow you to configure the retention policy.

confirm sharepoint web site in use email
confirm sharepoint web site in use email

If u see closely it also has an option to delete the site collection after sending mentioned / opted number of unanswered remainders.

After I disable the check box as part of step 2 in the above screen shot, SharePoint stop sending these remainder emails.

Hope this helps, happy Administration in SharePoint !!!

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