Configure Site Mail Box for Office 365 SharePoint Online Site

Here we will discuss how we can configure site mail box for Office 365 SharePoint online site. Site mailbox is basically used to store team email and attachment files for a SharePoint site which can be also used from Outlook 2013 as well.

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Below steps to configure site mailbox which is quite straight forward.
1. Access SharePoint Online site
2. Go to Site contents
3. Click on Add app option
4. Click site Mailbox to start the configuration.
5. Once the site mailbox is created, click Mailbox app and provide Language and time zone on Exchange Admin Center.
6. Click Save to complete the site mailbox configuration.

It can take 15 to 30 mins for the entire process to complete. Once the site mailbox is configured, it will send email to all users belongs to Owner’s and Member’s group for the specific SharePoint site.

Now let’s say we are configure the site mailbox for HR site and site mailbox email-id is

Send email to the email id with or without attachments. Now navigate to SharePoint Online site Site Mailbox and you can find emails sent from your email-id.

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You can also send email from site mailbox.

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