How to Configure outgoing email in SharePoint server 2019

In this SharePoint 2019 tutorial, we will discuss how to configure outgoing email SharePoint 2019. We will see here how to configure outgoing email in SharePoint server 2019.

Configure outgoing email SharePoint 2019

As we know we always prefer SharePoint due to it’s a more collaborative platform and user friendly.

So Microsoft has provided a feature where we can configure email settings in the SharePoint server 2019. When any action happened in the SharePoint site, an email will trigger from SharePoint and we have to configure the email settings where an email will send from your personal email ID or Auto-generate Email like [email protected].

Now we will see how to configure outgoing Email settings in SharePoint 2019.

Step 1: Open the SharePoint server 2019 central admin using a SharePoint farm account.

configure outgoing email sharepoint 2019
SharePoint server 2019 central administration

Step 2: Next go the System Settings -> Email and Text Message (SMS) and click on Configure outgoing e-mail settings like below:

configure outgoing email settings sharepoint 2019
Configure outgoing e-mail settings

Step 3: Next you have to provide the below required Fields.

  • Outbound SMTP Server: You can configure or you can check with your organization to get the SMTP server details.
  • SMTP Server Port: By default, it should be 25.
  • From Address: You can provide your form address which the user will receive.
  • Reply-to address: Optional
  • Character Set: You can select as per your choice
  • SMTP Server Authentication: Anonymous
  • You have to provide the SMTP Server User Name and Password.
  • Next, choose the TLS Connection encryption.
Configure outgoing email in SharePoint server 2019

Step 4: Click OK button to save settings.

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Here we learned how to configure outgoing email settings for SharePoint server 2019.