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What is Visual Studio Code

what is visual studio code

In this tutorial, we will discuss the visual studio code, how to download and install visual studio code. What is the difference between visual studio code and visual studio? Visual Studio Code – Video Tutorial Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more free videos. What is visual studio code Visual studio code is a free … Read more

Create and deploy site pages or content pages using visual studio in SharePoint 2013/2016

Create and Deploy SharePoint 2013 site pages or content pages using Visual Studio 2013

This SharePoint tutorial explains, how to create and deploy SharePoint 2013/2016 site pages or content pages using visual studio 2013/2015/2017. Content pages are pages where the content resides. To create a content page using visual studio 2013, follow the below steps. Create and deploy site pages or content pages using a visual studio in SharePoint … Read more

SharePoint Approved and Rejected buttons not appearing in task form in Visual Studio workflow

visual studio 2015 workflow approve reject button not appearing

Recently we were working in a visual studio 2015 workflow for SharePoint online sites. The workflow we have developed as a SharePoint hosted add-in. In that workflow, we have added a custom task content type which was inherited from the Workflow Task (SharePoint 2013) parent content type. After the workflow deployment, we were checking to … Read more

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