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Create SharePoint Workflow History list using csom programmatically

sharepoint online create history list using csom

This SharePoint tutorial explains, how to create a workflow history list using csom programmatically in SharePoint Online. Basically, we will use here .Net managed object model (C#.Net) code in SharePoint Online. This particular example, I have created a console application using visual studio 2017 and connecting to a SharePoint Online site. Create workflow history list […]

Impersonation step missing in SharePoint 2013 Workflow

Impersonation step missing in SharePoint 2013 Workflow

Here we will discuss the issue “Impersonation step missing in SharePoint 2013 Workflow”. Impersonation step is the concept of SharePoint 2010 and the workflow action was available in SharePoint designer 2010. But this action is not available in SharePoint 2013 workflow platform. A SharePoint designer workflow runs under the permission of the user who started […]

Gave Session on Working with workflow using Visual Studio 2015 in SharePoint Online

SharePoint online develop workflow using visual studio 2015

After a long time I gave a session on working with workflow using Visual Studio 2015 in SharePoint Online. The session was arranged by on theme as “Workshop on Digital Transformation and Office 365” Location: Microsoft Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. Signature Building, Embassy Golf Links Business Park, Domlur Apart from the Introduction session, there […]

How to Trigger Sharepoint 2013 Designer workflow on a list item by calling REST API using jQuery?

sharepoint 2013 start workflow programmatically javascript

This SharePoint 2013 workflow tutorial explains, how to trigger the Sharepoint 2013 designer list Workflow on a list item using REST API and JQuery. In SharePoint 2013 designer workflow, we uncheck the workflow triggering mechanism on list item being created or updated. This was done in an effort to prevent recursive calls to the workflow initiation. […]