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Business Process Automation through SharePoint

Business Process Automation through SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is the ultimate choice of organizations that are seeking proficient business process automation solution due to its high effectiveness. Although the SharePoint workflows have some constraints, having efficient third-party management can produce amazing results. When used in combination with other efficient automation platforms and technologies like Nintex workflows, SharePoint can help in streamlining […]

Create SharePoint Workflow History list using csom programmatically

sharepoint online create history list using csom

This SharePoint tutorial explains, how to create a workflow history list using csom programmatically in SharePoint Online. Basically, we will use here .Net managed object model (C#.Net) code in SharePoint Online. This particular example, I have created a console application using visual studio 2017 and connecting to a SharePoint Online site. Create workflow history list […]

Impersonation step missing in SharePoint 2013 Workflow

Impersonation step missing in SharePoint 2013 Workflow

Here we will discuss the issue “Impersonation step missing in SharePoint 2013 Workflow”. Impersonation step is the concept of SharePoint 2010 and the workflow action was available in SharePoint designer 2010. But this action is not available in SharePoint 2013 workflow platform. A SharePoint designer workflow runs under the permission of the user who started […]

[Video Tutorial] Deploy SharePoint Designer Workflow into Production in SharePoint Online/2013

deploy sharepoint designer workflow into production

This SharePoint video tutorial I have explained, how to deploy SharePoint designer workflow into production. How we can copy a SharePoint designer list workflow from one server to another server. Here we have copied the SharePoint 2013 workflow from one SharePoint online site collection to another site collection. The complete video explains the steps to deploy […]

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