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Business Process Automation through SharePoint

Business Process Automation through SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is the ultimate choice of organizations that are seeking proficient business process automation solution due to its high effectiveness. Although the SharePoint workflows have some constraints, having efficient third-party management can produce amazing results. When used in combination with other efficient automation platforms and technologies like Nintex workflows, SharePoint can help in streamlining … Read more

How to hide approve reject workflow approval button from ribbon in SharePoint online using css?

hide approve reject workflow approval button from ribbon sharepoint

Here we will discuss how we can hide Approve/Reject workflow ribbon button in SharePoint online using CSS. Recently we were developing few workflows using visual studio 2015 as a SharePoint hosted add-in using SharePoint online. If you are new to workflow development using visual studio 2015, you can check out the below article. – Step … Read more

Activate Workflows can use app permissions Feature programmatically using C#.Net .net managed object model code

Here we will discuss how we can activate “Workflows can use app permissions” in SharePoint online site using client object model code (csom). We will use managed object model code (Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll) to activate workflows can use app permissions. “Workflows can use app permissions” is site level feature and the feature id for this feature is: … Read more

SharePoint Approved and Rejected buttons not appearing in task form in Visual Studio workflow

visual studio 2015 workflow approve reject button not appearing

Recently we were working in a visual studio 2015 workflow for SharePoint online sites. The workflow we have developed as a SharePoint hosted add-in. In that workflow, we have added a custom task content type which was inherited from the Workflow Task (SharePoint 2013) parent content type. After the workflow deployment, we were checking to … Read more

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