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SharePoint Online Variation – Translation

SharePoint Online Variation Translation

SharePoint Online variation site is having a copy of a website, source site is variation hierarchy from which all others are copied. When the source site is publishing, all publishing pages from the Pages library are replicated automatically on the targets and queued for translation and publishing. Site structure are also replicated as part of … Read more

Document Sets in SharePoint Online/2013/2016

sharepoint document sets example

This SharePoint tutorial explains, what is document sets in SharePoint Online? How to activate document sets features in SharePoint Online/2013/2016. Document Sets in SharePoint Online Document Set in SharePoint enables users to group multiple documents that support a single project or task, together into a single entity. Activate Document sets feature in SharePoint Online To … Read more

How to sign up for office 365 e5 free trial

sign up for office 365 e5 free trial

Office 365 e5 free trial video tutorial I have also created a video on how to sign up for office 365 e5 free trial. Subscribe to EnjoySharePoint YouTube channel for more FREE SharePoint videos. In this SharePoint tutorial today, we will discuss how to sign off for an Office 365 enterprise E5 trial. This will be a … Read more

Customize Header, Footer, and Navigation in SharePoint Online Communication Site

Customize navigation SharePoint Online Communication Site

This SharePoint Online tutorial, we will discuss, how to modify the Header, Footer and Navigation in SharePoint Online modern communication site without using any custom code. In earlier versions of SharePoint communication sites, when we needed any branding modification in the header, footer, or navigation, we used to go to the SharePoint Framework Extension, named … Read more

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