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Communication site in SharePoint Online

sharepoint communication site

In this blog we will discuss about communication site in SharePoint online. Microsoft has newly introduced this site which will provide a great place to share information to others. You can easily create news report , Weather, Quick link,Events and Yammer etc. Mainly, it creates a site collection that is very mobile friendly and capable […]

Change language settings SharePoint online

change language settings sharepoint online

Here I am explaining, how to change language setting for a user. When you create a site, you also specify user language setting such as Time Zone, locale display for numbers, dates, and time, sort order, calendar type, work week, and time format (12 or 24 hour) settings in both SharePoint On-premise and Online. Change […]

Office 365 New Icons

office 365 new icons

Microsoft has announced a new set of icons for Office 365. Please find the below image for the same. I think this will impact the existing CSS of many SharePoint sites who had implemented with the color and style of old ICONS. Microsoft has released new sets of icons for all the products of Office […]

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