Easily Configure Email Notifications using Infowise Ultimate Forms action

Configure Infowise Email Action

Introduction: In my previous post, I have explained to you about the advantages of using Infowise ultimate form actions compared to workflows. Here we will see some examples how easily we can use Infowise actions to send notification emails to users whenever any operations (Insert/update/delete items or any document attached to item) happened in SharePoint … Read more >>>

Infowise Actions vs SharePoint workflows

Infowise ultimate forms actions vs SharePoint workflow

In my previous post I have explained about how Infowise forms are good alternatives to InfoPath and also we saw the price for Infowise forms for SharePoint online as well as SharePoint on premise versions. Before proceeding further, let us discuss and understand what are actions and workflows, the impact of actions or workflows in business processes … Read more >>>

Top SharePoint Workflow and Forms Applications Price Comparison

Infowise Ultimate Forms Pricing Details SharePoint forms

In my previous article, I had discussed about Infowise ultimate forms as one the best alternative to InfoPath forms. Let us check out the pricing of Infowise Ultimate forms for both SharePoint Online Office 365 as well as for SharePoint on Premise version. Price for Ultimate Forms on-premise: Different Versions of Infowise Ultimate forms: There are … Read more >>>

InfoPath alternatives for designing SharePoint Forms

InfoPath alternatives for designing SharePoint Forms

As a SharePoint consultant, I usually get a few queries on what is the best form of designing options in SharePoint on-premise or SharePoint online. After Microsoft declared there will be no new version of InfoPath will come in the future, lots of people are asking what are the alternative options of InfoPath? InfoPath Background … Read more >>>

Data Grids in SharePoint with Collabion A Product Review

sharepoint 2016 data grid view

While charts are a great way to show an overview of the data, if the need of the hour is to display tabular data in a data grid or table, with filtering and pivot capabilities, Collabion DataGrid for SharePoint, from the Collabion DataParts suite, is of extreme help – The chart wizard can be used … Read more >>>

Review of Collabion Charts for SharePoint: A 100% code-free product for all business users

Collabion chart for SharePoint 2010

Collabion Charts for SharePoint Charts are critical to understanding an organization’s business data efficiently. Graphs or charts help people understand data quickly, and it will make information visually attractive to the audience. Organizations using SharePoint to improve their productivity maintain a fair amount of business data. Business users in such organizations love to see data … Read more >>>

Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint

Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint

From a small company to a large enterprise, auditing is an integral part of the daily routine for the majority of organizations. In your daily work, you might have been receiving lots of requests for providing reports on changes in governance and security. If you are an administrator of a SharePoint farm then you need … Read more >>>

Office 365 Calendar Add-in by Virto Software Product Review

Office 365 Calendar Add-in by Virto Software Product Review

Today many small, medium, and large organizations are moving from various platforms to SharePoint online. Either few are moving from Lotus Notes to SharePoint or from various old versions of SharePoint (MOSS 2007 / SharePoint 2010 / SharePoint 2013) versions to SharePoint Online. And almost every organization uses Calendar to see a group or personal … Read more >>>

KWizCom Forms Enterprise Edition Product Review


Recently there was a requirement for us to show fields based on Roles in a SharePoint list form. For some users, it should show a few fields and for other users, it should show some other fields. Sometimes based on some reason also, you may need to show different fields. The problem with default list … Read more >>>