ITSupport Ticketing System using Infowise Ultimate Forms Part-2

This article is the 2nd part of the ITSupport Ticketing System using Infowise Ultimate Forms series. Before reading this article, make sure to read ITSupport Ticketing System using Infowise Ultimate Forms Part-1. In part-1, we have completed up to the manager get the new request from an employee about the issue. we will continue in this article … Read more >>>

ITSupport Ticketing System using Infowise Ultimate Forms Part-1

Today in this article, I am going to explain the ITSupport ticketing system using Infowise Ultimate forms. We will see how a manager can assign issues to another support team member with proper notifications. Here we will not use any code or workflow, fully no code solution using Infowise Ultimate forms. I will explain, how … Read more >>>

Team Leave Request Management Solution with Infowise Ultimate Forms Part-1

From small to large organizations, everyone has leave request system or application inside their SharePoint portal. If you are using SharePoint Online or SharePoint On-premise version, you can create leave request management system which your employees will use. In a typical leave request application, an Employee applied for a leave request, once applied s/he should … Read more >>>

Infowise Actions Vs SharePoint Workflow: Automate Site Creation process Infowise Ultimate Forms Create a Site Action in SharePoint

Infowise update action

In an enterprise who has adopted SharePoint whether on premise or online, they need to create lot of sites for various departments. Any large enterprise has various divisions or departments like HR, Finance, IT, development, support etc. Each department requires sites or sub sites for different business process. HR department may need to create sub … Read more >>>