Term Store in SharePoint Online

how to create term store sharepoint online

This SharePoint tutorial explains, how we can work with term store in SharePoint online like how to create term store, how to use terms efficiently within our list or document library in SharePoint Online. We will see here, how we can create a term group, term sets, terms in SharePoint Online Office 365. Term Store …

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Microsoft Forms – Overview and How to use

microsoft forms

Have you tried Microsoft Forms app in Office 365 or Microsoft 365? This is an awesome tool to create surveys in Office 365. Let us discuss an overview of Microsoft forms and how to use Microsoft forms. Microsoft Forms Overview Microsoft Form is a very user-friendly app, part of Office 365, where we can easily …

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Enterprise Document Storage: In Cloud or On-premises?

enterprise document storage

Let us check out on enterprise document storage. You should go with cloud or on-premises document storage options? Find out the best document management solution. The growing emphasis on efficiency coupled with the intensifying demand for sustainable business solutions is driving the proliferation of document management systems. Most of the currently available platforms are strictly …

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SharePoint spaces overview and examples

SharePoint spaces

In this SharePoint tutorial, we will discuss what is SharePoint spaces and how to create SharePoint spaces in SharePoint online. We will also see an example of SharePoint spaces. What is SharePoint spaces SharePoint spaces is a new feature provided by Microsoft and now available in preview on SharePoint Online. This is a web-based, an …

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How to get Office 365 Groups using Microsoft Graph API

How to get Office 365 Groups using Microsoft Graph API

In this tutorial, we will discuss how to get Office 365 groups using Graph API. Also, we will see how to create the security token in Azure which we can use inside the console application. I will also show, how to get user profile details using Graph API. [toc] As we know Microsoft has provided …

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Add new meeting and live event policies in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft teams live meeting policies

In this teams tutorial, we will discuss how to Add new Live event policies in Microsoft Teams. Also, we will see how to add new Meeting policies in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Provides many new features in the Microsoft team to secure and flexible to use this app in the organization. Now a day Microsoft teams …

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Add Modern SharePoint Site Page in Microsoft Teams

add modern site collection to microsoft teams

In this tutorial, we will discuss, how to add a modern SharePoint site page in Microsoft Teams. As we know recently Microsoft Teams now has 75 million daily active users. CEO Satya Nadella said on the company’s earnings call with analysts on Apr 29, 2020. How to change Microsoft Teams Background How to Create and Add …

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How to change Microsoft Teams Background

change microsoft teams background

In this tutorial, we will discuss how to change Microsoft teams background? The custom background will appear during the video meeting. How to join Microsoft teams meeting anonymously (Guest User) Add new meeting and live event polices in Microsoft Teams Change Microsoft teams background Microsoft recently releases a nice feature that will change the video …

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How to sign up for office 365 e5 free trial

sign up for office 365 e5 free trial

Office 365 e5 free trial video tutorial I have also created a video on how to sign up for office 365 e5 free trial. Subscribe to EnjoySharePoint YouTube channel for more FREE SharePoint videos. In this SharePoint tutorial today, we will discuss how to sign off for an Office 365 enterprise E5 trial. This will be a …

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