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How to create a GUID in C#.Net

create guid in c#

This C#.Net tutorial we will discuss how to create a GUID in C#.Net programmatically as well as using Visual Studio 2017/2019/2015. Sometimes you may need to pass a GUID to a function or maybe sometimes, you need to create a GUID and pass the GUID at runtime. Here I will show you both the ways … Read more

C#.Net Collection tutorial

collection in C#.Net

This C#.Net tutorial explains, what is a collection in C#.Net? What are various collection types in What are hash table in What is a collection in C#.Net? We know the array is used to store a set of the homogeneous data type objects. But the collection will store the related object that does … Read more

Working with Files in C#.Net

Working with File in C#.Net

In the C#.Net tutorials, we will see how to handle the file operation in C#.Net? We will also see What are the class and method provide for file operation like reading data from a file, how to write data to file and how to append data to file? We will discuss some of the … Read more

C#.Net Dictionary Table class

C#.Net Dictionary Table class

This C#.Net tutorial, we will discuss C#.Net Dictionary Table class. How To Declare A Dictionary Table Class in C#.Net? How to Add item to a Dictionary Class in C#.Net? How to retrieve the Dictionary element using the “foreach” loop in C#.Net? Retrieve Individual value using the key in We will discuss C#.Net dictionary table … Read more

Delegates in C#.Net

delegates in c sharp

This tutorial explains, what are delegates in C#.Net? How to call a method using a delegate? We will also discuss how to define a delegate? How to instantiate a delegate in How to call a delegate in C#.Net? Also, we will check the multicast delegate? And anonymous methods in Delegates in c … Read more

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