Cannot open office documents from SharePoint 2013 with Office 2010

This SharePoint 2013 tutorial, we will discuss how to solve Cannot open office documents from SharePoint 2013 issue with Office 2010. The issue comes as The Webpage cannot be displayed when trying to open an Office file from a SharePoint 2013 site.

The Webpage cannot be displayed error comes in Office documents like word, excel etc.

Recently one of the team members showed me one issue they were facing while trying to open any office documents like excel or word from their SharePoint 2013 site. These are office 2013 documents uploaded into the document library and they have office 2010 installed in their system.

Now if there are trying to open any excel document then “The webpage cannot be displayed” error message was coming.

When I checked in the browser then I saw “ms-excel:ofv|u|” is appending to the URL like: ms-excel:ofv|u|http://siteURL/Document URL/myexcel.xls”.

And for word document it is coming as: ms-word:ofe|u|http://siteURL/Document URL/mytestdoc.docx

When I am trying to open the document in new tab, then it shows some message like “ieframe.dll” and keep the processing icon moving.

And also if I am trying to remove the extra characters from the browser and try to open it did not ask me for check in/check out.

Cannot open office documents from SharePoint 2013

The issue is linked to the New Microsoft SharePoint Foundation support which Project 2013 is installing. We need to repair Office 2010.

We can repair Office 2010 from Control Panel. Open Control Panel, Programs and Features and select Office 2010 application, and click on Change.

In the “Change your installation of …” window, select the “Add or Remove Features” option and click Continue.

Expand the “Office Tools”, select “Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Support” and then select the “Not Available” option, Click Continue.

You can check out more information here.

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