Cannot connect to the configuration database error in Sharepoint

Cannot connect to the configuration database error in Sharepoint

In this post, we will discuss how we can fix error “Cannot connect to configuration database” in SharePoint 2010.

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Problem Statement
When Microsoft users access SharePoint 2010, they come across a very common error i.e. “Cannot connect to the configuration database” which means that SharePoint is unable to synchronize with database and hence, end users cannot view it.

Cannot connect to the configuration database error in Sharepoint
Cannot connect to the configuration database error in Sharepoint

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The reason behind Error Occurrence:

Well, there are many reasons due to which this configuration error occurs and some of them are:
– Internet connectivity may be lost between server databases.

– It may be due to SQL database not functioning properly.

– The installation of the service pack of SQL server application is done improperly.

– The permissions may not be granted for accessing the SQL Server database.

– The new server has not been added to the domain of SharePoint 2010.

The solution for Fixing the Error
Before going through the procedure for resolving configuration error, first, check whether the following criteria is fulfilled or not:

– All permissions related to accessing SQL database are granted.

– Check and validate whether SQL database is in running mode.

– Microsoft SQL server to be accessed is not blocked by Firewall.

If the above-mentioned criteria are not fulfilled, then we need to successfully fulfill these criteria first and check whether error still occurs or not. If the occurrence of error continues, then go for the below-mentioned solution for fixing the error:


For connectivity between SharePoint and Microsoft SQL server database, check whether the status of SQL database is in running mode or not. If not then change its status to running mode, else continue with next step.

The internet connectivity of your machine must be proper and there should be accurate mapping in between the servers involved in it.

Check and Validate whether the Internet Information Service (IIS) manager of your PCs is not in isolation mode. However, if it is in isolation mode then remove it from that mode.

If the server is newly added to the domain, then check whether it is configured properly or not by analyzing computer management of your machine.

After completing all above-mentioned steps and if the error still occurs, then first uninstall the pre-installed service pack of SQL server and then again re-install it because of the cause of this error may be due to improper installation of the service pack.

Here we can conclude with the fact that there are various reasons due to which ‘cannot connect to the configuration database’ error occurs in SharePoint 2010. Therefore, multiple solutions given in the content can be used to handle the situation.

Hope this will be helpful.

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