By default the Build Dynamic String action is not available in SharePoint Designer 2010

By default, the Build Dynamic String action is not available in SharePoint Designer 2010. To make this available we need to do some changes.

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For Adding the Build Dynamic String Action in your SharePoint Designer 2010 Follow these step:

1. Go to \ProgramFiles\CommonFiles\MicrosoftShared\webserver extensions\14\TEMPLATE\1033\Workflow on your system drive.

2. Open the WSS.Actions file (this is where information about all default SPD actions is stored).

3. First copy that file any whare in your system for backup perpose.

4. Find “Build Dynamic String” and change the “AppliesTo” parameter from “DisplayOnly” to “all”. Save the file. (See code after changes).

<Action Name=”Build Dynamic String”
Assembly=”Microsoft.SharePoint.WorkflowActions, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c”
Category=”Core Actions”>
<RuleDesigner Sentence=”Store %1 in %2″>
<FieldBind Field=”StringValue” Text=”dynamic string” Id=”1″ DesignerType=”StringBuilder” />
<FieldBind Field=”Variable” Text=”variable” Id=”2″ DesignerType=”ParameterNames”/>
<Parameter Name=”Variable” Type=”System.String, mscorlib” Direction=”Out” DesignerType=”ParameterNames”Description=”Workflow variable output by this action.” />
<Parameter Name=”StringValue” Type=”System.String, mscorlib” Direction=”In” DesignerType=”StringBuilder”
Description=”Dynamic string used to set workflow variable.” />

5. Run IISReset, re-open SharePoint designer 2010, you should now have the Build Dynamic String action available.

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